II Timothy: Passing a Baton

  From the Apostle Paul facing execution  to Timothy, Pastoring in Ephesus

 Don’t be ashamed (1:8)

  1. Don’t be Ashamed of your brothers in Christ
  2. Don’t be Ashamed to testify to the Lord

Be strong in the Grace that is in Christ Jesus (2:1)

  1. Endure like a good soldier (2:2)
  2. Compete like an Athlete (2:5)
  3. Work hard like a farmer (2:6)
  4. God’s word won’t be chained (2:8-9)

Stand Firm on God’s word in the midst of Opposition

  1. Opposition will come (3:1-5)
  2. God’s word will uphold you (3:14-17)

Do the Work

  1. Preach the word (4:1-2)
  2. Do your duty (4:3-5)