Sermons from March 2014

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The God who Remembers and Delivers


The God who Remembers and Delivers I.             An Oppressed People (Exodus Ch1) A. An oppression Motivated by Pharaoh’s Fear B. An Oppression Rooted in Spiritual Warfare C. An Oppression Foreseen by God (Genesis 15:12-16)        II.     An Appointed Deliverer (Exodus Ch2) Not a Murderous 40 year old But a Humbled 80 year old III.       […]

A Not So Average Joe, and a Greater one.


A Not so Average Joe, and a Greater I.  Joseph Refused to take God’s place – Genesis 50:19 How do we put ourselves in the place of God? By taking revenge.  (Romans 12:17-19) By making the rules  (Adam and Eve  – Genesis 3) By worry (Matthew 6:25, 26) By letting people look to us for […]

Pits, Prisons, and Palaces


Isaiah 55:8-9 I. In the Pit…  (Genesis 37) A. Reason for his Pit Stop 1. Jealousy 2. Dreams 3. God’s Plan B. Our Response to being in Pit? 1. Trust in God 2. Trust in a Greater Joseph II. In the Prison … (Genesis 39 1. Seek to be Faithful 2. Have confidence He is with […]

The Jacob the Deceiver becomes a Believer


Jacob the Deceiver becomes a Believer   Genesis 25:19–27;  27:1–5   I.             Jacob – The Cunning Thief Stealing a Blessing The power of words The power of God    Genesis 27:30-33 Stealing Away to Laban Jacob – The Homeless Dreamer   Genesis 28:11-17 He dreams of a Stairway to heaven A stairway to heaven can’t be built […]

God Will Provide – Genesis 22


The Lord Will Provide  I.             The Lord Provides a Place  A.  A Specific location II Chronicles 3:1 – The First Temple on Moriah Jesus is the New Temple John 2:13-22   B.  A Location that God would show him   II.          The Lord Himself will Provide a Lamb God Provided Isaac Ex. 34:19,20 – the […]