Sermons from April 2014

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YHWH Our Protector and Provider


I. YHWH Protects by guiding His People A Pillar of Fire to protect them from their enemies at night and help them to see. A Cloud to protect them from the scorching sun Leading His people through the Red Sea – What appeared to be a trap for the Israelites was in fact a trap […]

Your King is Coming – Palm Sunday


Your King is coming                                John 12:12-33 Jesus is a King who is worthy of our allegiance He is our rightful ruler He Created us He Redeemed us What other rulers competing for you allegiance?   Jesus is a King whose reign is secure   Jesus is a King whose reign had […]

The LORD is Greater


YHWY is GREATER I. YHWY (the LORD) is greater than any other gods A. He has Shown us himself in Name and Power.  6:2,3 B. He is Superior – He “beats up” the gods of Egypt. C. He is Sovereign – We don’t look to other gods for our safety, comfort, prosperity and security – […]