Sermons from June 2014

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Joshua: The Promised Land


A. Joshua the BooK A Survey of the Book of Joshua a. Crossing into the Promised Land (1-5) b. The Conquering Jericho (6) c. The Conundrum at Ai (7-8) d. The Campaign into all of Canaan (9-12) e. Division of the Promised Land (13-21) f.  Serving YHWH in the Promised Land (22-24) 2. Themes of the […]

Deuteronomy: Remember


Deuteronomy: Remember ….  A. What you’ve done (Duet. 1:26- 32) A Reminder of rebellion and murmuring (26 & 27) 2.A Reminder of Unbelief (32) B. What you’ve Heard (Deut. 4:11-14; 5:4-8) A Reminder of who you were A Reminder of His Commandments C. Who you are (Deut 7:6-8) A Reminder of your Holiness A Reminder of your Chosen-ness […]

Numbers: In the Wilderness


1. A Firstborn Substitute (Numbers 3) 3:5-13;40-48 A Reminder of the Passover A Picture of costly Redemption 2.  A Fickle and Faithless People a.They Failed to be content with God’s Provision (Numbers 11:1-3; 31-33) b. They Fought against God’s Leader (Numbers 12:1-10) c. They Failed to trust in God’s Guidance and Protection (Numbers 13 & 14) […]

Leviticus: Sacrifice and Sanctification


LEVITICUS: SACRIFICE AND           SANCTIFICATION  How do we approach the Holy God  of Israel? On His terms Recognizing our sin With Sacrifices  a. Burnt Offering  (Lev.1) – Propitiation I Peter 1:18,19   Romans 3:24    b. Grain Offering (Lev. 2) – Dedication John 6:5 c. Peace Offering (Lev. 3) – Fellowship Eph. 2:13-14 d. Sin Offering (Lev. 4-5:13) – Purification […]