Sermons from July 2014

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2 Samuel – A Great King but not the Greatest


II SAMUEL: A Great King but not the Greatest I. A Greatly Blessed Ruler –  II Samuel 7:1-16 II. A Great Worshipper – II Samuel 6:12-23 III. A Great Sinner A.  David’s sin with Bathsheba and Uriah   2 Samuel 11 & 12 B. David’s failure to discipline his Children  Amnon & Absolom    2 Samuel 13 & […]

I Samuel We need a Leader


  I SAMUEL: WE NEED A LEADER SAMUEL – A PROPHET WHOSE WORD’S NEVER FELL TO THE GROUND (3:19) ISRAEL – A NATION FALLING APART Eli’s Sons – falling into sin,  Stealing from the Lord’s Offering, Misusing the Ark of the Lord The Ark falling into enemy hands Eli – Falling off his Chair God’s People – Falling into the Trap of wanting to be like everyone else. (8:1-7) […]

Ruth and Her kinsman Redeemer


Setting the stage – Judges, Land, Family  Following God is hard You are not immune to difficulty You still have to live in a broken world Finding hope is possible By the LORD’s Mercy For eternity Futures can be Redeemed