Sermons from September 2014

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Esther – The God who Delivers


A Pompous Emperor (Ahasuerus/ Xerxes) He ruled over 127 provinces (India to Ethiopia). He partied for 6 months. He thought the sun spoke through him He collected women A Precious Princess She was a beauty She pleased the king She was a Jew, raised by her cousin Mordecai A People in Peril Mordecai discovers a […]

Nehemiah : Rebuilding a city and Restoring a people


The Broken Heart of Nehemiah The Broken Wall of Jerusalem The Broken People of Judah The God YHWH who mends the Broken     God frustrates the hand of the wicked Nehemiah 4:10-16   God moved the hearts of the people.   Nehemiah 8:1-11  God uses Nehemiah to lead, protect and to minister to them.

Ezra – a Restored Temple and a Renewed People


A Survey of Ezra The Back-story The Break Down God’s Hand Restores (1-6) The People to the Land, Sacrifices and the Temple God’s Word Reveals (7-9) God’s People Repent (10)   A Summons to be who they were The People of God Remembering the Power of their Sovereign God Embracing the Call to be Holy (Separate) A […]

2 Chronicles – Depths


Outline of the book of 2 Chronicles By History (overlaps 1 & 2 Kings but only deals with the Nation of Judah) United Kingdom under Solomon Kingdom Divided (Israel in the North, Judah in the South) 931 BC. Babylonian Captivity 586 BC. Babylon falls to the Medo- Persians 539 BC. Cyrus’ degree 538 BC. By […]