Sermons from February 2015

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A vision of God’s glory 1-2 God isn’t like Us – Holy God isn’t confined (Wheels) .God sees and knows all (4 living creatures in each direction) A vision of God’s glory departing 8-11 A vision of God’s glory coming 40-48

Lamentations – Weep over Jerusalem

The Background and Structure 1. The background – The fall of Jerusalem 2.The Structure – 1,2,4 Acrostic/ 3 triple acrostic   The Message of Lamentations 1. The Lonely City of Jerusalem 2. The Lingering Cloud of Judgment 3. The Lasting Confidence in Jehovah

Jeremiah – Repent or face judgement


Jeremiah – Repent or Judgment will come  Jeremiah – the Man and the Book The Man – His call The Compassion The Perseverance The Book – Scrapbook arrangement  Jeremiah’s Message 1. Judgment is coming for the unrepentant. 2. Jerusalem will be left desolate 3. Jehovah will bring back a remnant 4. Jesus will become our […]

Isaiah – God is Salvation


Isaiah – The Lord is Salvation  Isaiah – the man and the Book The man – His call, name, family and death. The Book Ch.1-35 Pre-Exile Prophecy Ch. 36-39 Hezekiah and Delayed Judgment Ch.40-66 Post-Exile Prophecy Isaiah’s Message – God is Salvation – Kings are not Salvation – False Gods are not Salvation – We are […]