Sermons from May 2015

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Obadiah – Beware


Obadiah – Beware  Beware of letting pride take hold of  your heart. (v.3) Beware of trusting in your position, your wisdom, or your strength. (v.8-9) Beware of making an Enemy of God, by making an Enemy of God’ people. (v10) Beware of the Day of the Lord, when we will reap what we have sown (15)

Amos-Seek the Lord and Live


We are all accountable to the LORD … (all the nations) (1:1-2:5) Some are more accountable to the LORD than others. We who God has spoken to are more accountable – we know better. (Privilege brings responsibility) (2:6-5:3) Israel was enjoying Economic Prosperity Israel was marked by Moral Degeneracy Injustice and exploitation Sexual perversion Corrupt […]

Leah the Invisible Woman

Leah lived in the shadow of Beauty (29:16-18) Leah longed to be loved by her husband Initially Rejected (29:25) Repeatedly Rejected (29:32-34) Leah learned to find comfort Special thanks to Timothy Keller for his insights into the life of Leah as shared in his sermon “The Girl no one Wanted”  

Joel – the Day of the Lord

The Day of Judgment – Locusts (1:1-14) Those who indulge in wine. v5 Those who find identity in Family. v8 Those who find identity on work. v11 The Day of the Lord 1:15-2:11 The Day of Return and Repentance The Day of Mercy 2:12-32 The Day of Restoration 3