Sermons from January 2016

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EPHESIANS :The Grace and Peace of God


  I. The Background of Ephesians Acts 19:1-31 – Power and Magic II. The Outline of Ephesians Doctrine (Chapters 1-3) Devotion (Chapters 4-6) III. The Themes of Ephesians The Sovereignty of God the Father In choosing us (1:4,5) In making know to us the mystery of His will (1:9) In making those dead in sin, […]

Galatians – You are Free


There is No Other Gospel (1:6-9) There were false teachers who had come into Galatia and were modifying the Gospel.   The Gospel is News about what God has done for us in Jesus, not what we can do for ourselves. 1.We are justified not by the Law, but by faith in Jesus (2:15,16) 2.We […]

2 Corinthians – Strength in Weakness


The Book of 2 Corinthians The Background The City The Church The Occasion   4 Letters (2 Cor. Is letter #4) 3 Visits (2 Cor. Is between visit 2 and 3) 2 Books 1 Apostle – Paul 5. The Structure  Themes Comfort in Adversity Joy in trials Light in Darkness Strength in Weakness Walking by […]

Sowing and Reaping in 2016


Change in 2016                    Galatians 5, 6  Why do you want to change? To Prove ourselves to God? To Prove ourselves to Others? To Prove ourselves to Ourselves?   What do you want to change?  How are you going to change? By sowing to the Spirit Without Deception With Understanding By not growing weary of […]