Sermons from February 2016

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1Timothy: Gospel Centered Leadership


I Timothy: Pastor a Gospel Centered Church  Author: Paul to Timothy, Pastoring in Ephesus Gospel Centered Teaching (Chapter 1) Appose false Teachers (v. 3,4) Advance God’s Work (v. 4-7) Apply the Law correctly (v.8-11) Adore Christ’s Mercy (v.12-17) Gospel Centered Worship (ch.2) In Prayer In Order Gospel Centered Leadership (Ch.3) Elders Deacons Gospel Centered Living […]

II Thessalonians: Our Blessed Hope


I. A hope that God will be glorified in us When He Returns. (Ch.1) In their Love (1:3) In their Perseverance (1:4) II. A hope that God will strengthen us as we wait (2:1-17) As we wait for the man of lawlessness (2:1-12) As we hold fast to the teachings of the Apostles (2:15) III. A hope that […]

I Thessalonians: A Letter of Encouragement


Authors: Paul, Silas, and Timothy Setting: circa 50 A.D. (Cf. Acts 17)                   3 Sabbaths to plant a Church  Encouragement in Prayer (Chapter 1) Work of Faith Labor of Love Endurance Inspired by Hope Encouragement through Ministry (2-3) Encouragement in Common Vision (4:1-14) In Holiness In Love In Work Encouragement in Hope (4:15-5)

Philippians: Live a Life Worthy of the Gospel


Philippians: Live a Life worthy of the Gospel  The Background of Philippi Acts 16 – Paul and Silas, the Lydia The Demon possessed girl, and the jailer The Themes of Philippians A Certainty of God’s work being completed (1:3-11) A Desire to be with Christ (1:12-30) A Heart of Humility (2:1-11) A Work of God (2:12-30) […]