Sermons from March 2016

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Your King is Coming


Your King is coming to bring Peace Not an earthly Peace (absence of conflict) A Peace between you and God Your King is coming to fulfill God’s Promise Zechariah 9:9 Genesis 49:10,11 Your King is coming to you



    Titus: The Teacher and Teaching From the Apostle Paul to Titus,  Pastoring in Crete Lead the Church By Appointing Godly Elders 1:5-9 By Correcting False Teachers 1:1-16 By Instructing in Godliness 2-3   a. Leave the Old Life b. Live the New Life c.Look for the Blessed Hope

2 Timothy – Passing the Baton


II Timothy: Passing a Baton   From the Apostle Paul facing execution  to Timothy, Pastoring in Ephesus  Don’t be ashamed (1:8) Don’t be Ashamed of your brothers in Christ Don’t be Ashamed to testify to the Lord Be strong in the Grace that is in Christ Jesus (2:1) Endure like a good soldier (2:2) Compete like […]