Sermons from April 2016

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First Peter – Living in the In Between time


I. Because you have been saved by Christ’s precious blood, Be Holy  A. You have a great and precious Salvation A Living Hope (1:3) An Inheritance that is imperishable (1:4) We are kept by the Power of God (1:5) We are being refined (1:7) Our Souls are being Saved (1:9) We have a Gospel that […]

James – Genuine Faith in Jesus is Identifiable


Genuine Faith Believes Our Good God is in control (1:1-15; 4:15) Genuine Faith believes God is Generous (1:17) Genuine Faith listens and does (1:22-25) Genuine Faith is evident (2:18,19) Genuine Faith impacts even our speech (3:1-11) Genuine Faith makes much of God, and little of you. (4:6-10)

Hebrews – Jesus is Better


Hebrews…Jesus is Better  Jesus is Better…. Than Angels Than Moses Than Joshua Than Aaron Than the Old Covenant    Because Jesus is Better…. Don’t Ignore what God has done through Jesus Don’t stop Believing Don’t stop Growing Don’t stop Meeting Don’t stop Persevering in Holiness Don’t loose Faith Don’t Reject Discipline

Philemon: Real Faith

Real Faith is Lived out in Community Real Faith is Lived out in a messy world Real Faith Forgives Real Faith is Costly