Sermons from May 2016

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3 John – Loving the Truth


     III John-Loving the Truth  Gaius’ friendship Loved by John in the Truth Prayed for by John for Prosperity Rejoiced over by John for his Life Praised by John for his hospitality Diotrephes Ego trip Loves to be first Rejects John Gossips Maliciously Refuses to show hospitality Puts out of the church those who do […]

II John – Walking in Truth and Love


I.Walking in Truth God’s Truth is Eternal Truth (v.2) Walking in God’s Truth brings great Joy (v4) II. Walking in Love Walking in Love is not a new command (v5) Walking in Love is walking in obedience (v6) III. Walking away from Wickedness “Deniers” that Jesus came in the flesh (v7) “Runners ahead” of the teaching of Christ (v9)

I John – Walking in the Light


John – God is Light, and we are to walk in the Light   Walking in Light is …. I. Walking in Truth A. The Truth about our sin (1:8-10 B. The Truth about Christ’s sacrifice (2:1,2) II. Walking in Obedience (2:3,4) III. Walking in Love A. Loving their brother and sister (2:9,10) B. Not Loving […]

Hannah – A woman that honor’s God


Hannah Honored God by worshiping Him faithfully in a corrupt culture, even in Her barrenness. The Challenges of Hannah’s barrenness. Social Stigma Marital Strain Constant Sorrow The Faithfulness of Hannah’s worship She Prayed instead of cursing She Prayed to a Sovereign God She Prayed as a Servant Hannah Honored God by Recognizing her blessings were not […]

2 Peter – Remember

You need to Remember what God has given you (1:1-15) A Faith of Equal standing with the Apostles All things that pertain to life and Godliness His Precious and Great promises Partakers in the Divine nature A Way to make our calling and Election Sure You need to Remember who Jesus is (1:16-18) His Majesty […]