Sermons from June 2016

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From God to Us


Bible Study – From God to Us I. How do we view the Bible’s origin? A Human book A Divine book Both II. How do we know we have the right Bible? Accepted Among the Early church Apostolic Endorsement Agrees with the rest of Scripture   III. How do we view the Bible? A Library […]

Knowing God as Father


In Christ, God is our Father (Galatians 3:26,27) We can call God Father, because we are united to Christ by Faith a. Baptized into Christ b. Clothed with Christ 2. In Christ we have entered into a personal relationship with the Almighty (4:6) Personal relationship requires informational knowledge. Personal relationship requires personal knowledge. Personal relationship takes place when someone […]

Revelation – All things New


Introduction: Genre The Outline of the Book (1:19) The things that are (Ch 2-3) The things that are to come (Ch 4-22) The Clear themes of the Book Christ’s Church on Earth will be a “mixed bag” (Ch 2-3) God’s throne is at the center of the universe Christ will judge the Earth Christ will return to […]

Jude – Contend for the Faith


Contend for the Faith by Remembering  who you are. Called Loved by God Kept for Jesus   Contend for the Faith by guarding it. Against those who pervert God’s Grace Against those who deny Christ Sovereignty   Contend for the Faith by persevering. By Being united By Building ourselves up in the faith By Praying By […]