Sermons from August 2016

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Restoring your most important Relationship

Introduction – When Relationships face challenges Write them off Maintain and distance Engage  I. David’s need for Repentance (1-6) Transgressions Iniquities Sin II. David’s plea for Renewal (7-9) Cleanse me Wash me Blot out III. David’s hoped for Restoration Create in me clean heart Restore to me the Joy of your Salvation

The 10 Lepers


The Story of the 10 Lepers I. We See Jesus shows mercy to those who ask II. We see Jesus telling us that Faith Makes us well A. Faith in His Words B. Faith in His Power Power over Leprosy Power to Rescue the lost III.We see that the place to give Thanksgiving and Praise […]

Fellowship with God part 5


Genuine fellowship with God is seen in our obedience 5:1-4 God is not a cosmic killjoy God’s commands are not burdensome Genuine fellowship with God will be seen in our embrace of God’s Testimony 5:5-12 Genuine fellowship with God will be seen in our confidence 5:13-15 In our Salvation In our prayers Genuine fellowship with God […]

Fellowship with God – Part 4


I John – Fellowship with God      First John chapter 3:24 – 4:21 The ABCs of the faith…          Affections          Belief          Conduct  Genuine fellowship with God gives you discernment of the truth. (3:24-4:6) You can test the spirits Because you have the Spirit v.3:24 There are Anti-Christ spirits that must be guarded […]