Sermons from September 2016

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A Loving  Mighty Savior


The Gospel of Mark – Chapter 1:9-13 A Loving  Mighty Savior  A Savior who identifies By being baptized by John By coming up out of the water A Spirit who empowers Tearing open heaven Descending like a dove A Father who affirms Who loves His son Who is pleased with his Son An Adversary who […]

Mark 1 – Good News is meant to be shared


Good News that is long foretold The Content of the good news Jesus Christ – Messiah – anointed one – Son of God The Foretelling of the good news Good News that is Heralded By John the Baptizer In the Wilderness Preaching Repentance Good News that is life changing One is coming who will baptize […]

Understanding Baptism


       Introduction – The Cost of discipleship.  I. Every Branch of the Christian faith practices Baptism. (with the exception of Quakers-Society of Friends)  II. Every Branch of the Christian faith understands Baptism to be at its basic level an identification with              the people of God.  III. There are 3 basic divisions within the Christendom as it relates to […]