Sermons from February 2017

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The Sprouting Seed and the Mustard Seed


   Kingdom Parables Pt.2              Mark 4:21-25   Intro: The Nature of a Kingdom The Parable of the Sprouting Seed A. Focus is growth B. God Brings about the harvest        The kingdom doesn’t come the way the disciples expect.        The kingdom doesn’t come the way we expect. The […]

One Seed & Four Soils


Mark 4:1-20   Intro – How do you grow Spiritually? I. A Hard Heart II. A Shallow Heart III. A Strangled Heart The Worries of this World The Deceitfulness of Riches IV. A Receptive Heart The Seed goes deep The Seed Multiplies

An Eternal Sin and Eternal Family


I. An Eternal Sin   Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, is not just unbelief but unashamed unbelief that arises not from    ignorance of what is true but in defiance of what    one knows beyond doubt to be true. It is not mere    denial, but determined denial; not mere rejection,      but wanton, […]