Sermons from September 2017

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I. A Tax Trap – by the Herodians and Pharisees A.  No Good Answer ”Pay” upset the Jews ”Refuse” upset the Romans B.  Wisdom greater than Traps Render to Caesar Render to God II.  A Scripture Trap – by the Sadducees A. They didn’t know the Scripture B. They didn’t know the Power of God C.They […]

A Question and a Parable


I. A Question of Authority A Question About Authority A Question that Jesus wouldn’t answer A Question that can remind us…            a.authority isn’t a dirty word.            b. Jesus is the ultimate authority.  II. A Parable of Irresponsibility       1.The Cast An Owner – God Tenants […]

The Temple and the tree


 I. The Clearing of the Temple II. The Cursing of the Tree The Danger of Profession without Practice The Peril of Practice without Faith – (It’s all a show)  III. The Centrality of Faith Faith in God (not faith) Faith that God hears us Faith in the new Temple

The Triumphal Entry


I. A Colt for the Lord (v1-7) A fulfillment of Prophecy A faith filled task A faithful stewardship  II. A Celebration for a King (v8-10) III. A Calculation of a Son (v11)