Sermons from March 2018

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Keeping an Unkeepable law

Keeping an Impossible Law   The Human Condition since the Fall Break the Law in Thought, Word & Deed Battle in the mind by the power of the Spirit   The Condition of creation since the Fall God’s creation is Good Our First Parent’s sin has widespread consequences   The New Man’s Mission to reverse […]

The Second Table of the Law


 5. Honor your Father and Mother The Placement of the commandment The Meaning of the commandment The Implications of the commandment  6. Do No Murder With your hands With your tongue With your heart  7. Do Not Commit Adultery The Surface of the Commandment The Substance of the Commandment  8. Do Not Steal Rather be content Rather be […]

The First Table of the Law

                  Prologue I. No other gods before me (Don’t worship False gods) II. No graven images (Don’t worship the true God Falsely) Satan would have us create a God we can confine God would have us embrace who He has revealed Himself to be in Scripture God […]