Sermons from August 2018

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Real Justification and Sanctification


 Real Justification – Status A Legal Declaration outside of us A Once for all act Rooted in our union with Christ  Real Sanctification – Our Growth A Work of the Spirit in us An Ongoing process Rooted in our union with Christ   NCC Q# 32 What do justification and sanctification mean?   Justification means our […]

Real Love


A Description of Love (I Cor. 13) A beautiful picture A bad problem A beneficial proposal  A Difficult Discussion about  God’s Love God is Love…but more than just love. Does God love us just the way we are? Is God’s love really unconditional?  A Defining act of love

NCC Q 31


                      Real Faith in a Real God                 Intro – Jude 3   I.             Faith in God the Father Almighty A.    Powerful (Almighty) B.    Personal (Father)   II.           Faith in God’s Son Jesus Christ A.   Conceived by the Holy Spirit B.  Born of the Virgin Mary C.  Suffered under Pilate D.  Crucified, Dead, […]