Sermons from September 2020

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2 Timothy 1:8-18 Guard the Gospel with Courage


A. Don’t be ashamed of the Gospel  B.  Shameless faith is willing to suffer ….(1:8b) Because the Power of God Sustains (1:8c) Because it knows the grace that was given us in Christ.(1:9) Because it knows Christ destroyed death. (1:10) Because it knows Christ has brought life and immortality. (1:10) C. Guard the Gospel The […]

Paul’s Final Greetings


               ROMANS 16                     Paul’s Farewell  I. Paul’s Greetings (v.1-16) Phoebe – the dispatch The Churches in Rome The Co-laborers   II. Paul’s Warning (v.17-18)  III. Paul’s Commendation (v.19-20) IV Further Greetings (v.21-23)  V.Paul’s Benediction (v.25-27)

Paul’s Mission and Prayers


I. Paul’s Tone (15:14-15a) II. Paul’s Credentials & Mission (15:15b-19) His Apostolic Ministry (Grace Given to me) His Priestly Ministry Glorifying God III. Paul’s Ambition (15:20-29) IV. Paul’s Plea (15:30-33) Pray for Protection Pray for the gift to be well received Pray that I can come and encourage you