Review:  Romans 8:1-13


a New Status (NO Condemnation),  

        a New Identity (in Christ Jesus)

a New Freedom (from the Law of

sin and Death) 

a New Mind (Set on the Spirit’s Desires)

  a New Presence (The Holy Spirit within)   

a New Hope (The Resurrection)

a New Battle (Putting to death the

deeds of the Flesh)


A New Spirit (Romans 8:14-16)

  1. A Sprit that will lead us
  2. Not of slavery to Fear


A Spirit of Sonship

  1. By him we cry “Abba”
  2. He testifies that we are God’s



Questions – Are you being led to fight sin?

-Are you asking the Spirit to banish your

fears and recognize you are a son of God?

-Do you call God “Abba?”