I John – Fellowship with God

     First John chapter 3:24 – 4:21

The ABCs of the faith…




 Genuine fellowship with God gives you discernment of the truth. (3:24-4:6)

You can test the spirits

  • Because you have the Spirit v.3:24
  • There are Anti-Christ spirits that must be guarded against v.4:1-5
  • You are from God v.6

Genuine fellowship with God will be seen in your genuine love (4:7-4:21)

  1. Genuine love comes from God v.7
  2. God is the definition of Genuine love v.8
  3. Genuine love has been made manifest among us v.9 & 10
  4. Genuine love will overflow from our lives 11 & 12
  5. Genuine love originated in God
  6. Genuine love of God must be directed at our brothers and sisters v.20 & 21