Had God not kept his promises to Israel?

These Doubts are answered – 

From the viewpoint of Divine Sovereignty (ch9)

From the Viewpoint of Human Responsibility (ch10)

From God’s Final Purpose (ch11)


                           Roman 10:14-11:36

The Majority of Israel has rejected the Gospel 10:14-21

  1. Preachers were sent 14-15
  2. Not all Obeyed 16a
  3. This was expected 16a-21


But not all of Israel has Rejected the Gospel 11:1-10

  1. Paul is an Israelite 1
  2. There is still a remnant 2-5
  3. The Elect believed and the rest were hardened



Israel’s Rejection is Not Final 11:11-32

  1. God will use the Gentiles to make them jealous v.11-16
  2. Some Gentiles have been grafted in 17-21
  3. Consider God’s kindness and Severity 22-24
  4. A Partial hardening has come upon Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles has come in



A Hymn of Praise 11:33-36