Had God not kept his promises to Israel?


These Doubts are answered – 

From the viewpoint of Divine Sovereignty (ch9)

From the Viewpoint of Human Responsibility (ch10)

From God’s Final Purpose (ch11)


                               Romans 9

Intro – The Agony of Paul and the

Blessing of Israel (9:1-5)


Has God’s Word Failed? (9:6)

  1. Not all descended from Israel are Israel
  2. God’s purposes according to Election shall stand

Is God Unjust to exercise His Sovereign Choice? (9:14)

  1. He Showed Mercy to Moses
  2. He Showed Judgement to Pharaoh

Why does God still blame us? (9:19)

  1. God has the right of the potter to shape the clay
  2. We have no right to challenge him.
  3. God Reveals himself in Wrath and Glory
  4. God foretold the inclusions of some Gentiles and the exclusion of some Jews

What shall we say in conclusion? (9:30)

  1. Righteousness is received by faith,
  2. Not through the Law