The Setting of the Book of Haggai

Return from Exile and Rebuilding the Temple

(Ezra) – The whole book was written in 520 BC.

An Outline of the Book of Haggai

  1. God Chastened His People for their misplaced Priorities (1:1-11)
  2. Response to God’s Chastening (1:12-14)
  • They feared the Lord
  • Took Comfort from the Lord’s Presence
  • Stirred by the Spirit of the Lord To Obedience
  • 3. God’s People’s Discouragement (2:1-10)
  • Opposition
  • Nostalgia
  • Unrealistic Expectation
  • 4. Encouragement and Promise for God’s People
  • Be Strong Declares the Lord
  • The Hope of Nations is Coming
  1. A shaking that is to come
  2. A desire to be met
  3. A promised future Glory of this new temple
  4. A coming peace

 Lessons to Apply from Haggai

Have we considered our ways? Do our Priorities reflect God’s Glory?