A. Joshua the BooK

  1. A Survey of the Book of Joshua

a. Crossing into the Promised Land (1-5)

b. The Conquering Jericho (6)

c. The Conundrum at Ai (7-8)

d. The Campaign into all of Canaan (9-12)

e. Division of the Promised Land (13-21)

f.  Serving YHWH in the Promised Land (22-24)

2. Themes of the Book of Joshua

a.God’s Faithfulness to His Promises

b. God’s Call for us to be Faithful

c. God’s Mercy and Judgment

d. God’s Call to Serve Him Alone

B. Joshua the Man

  1. A “Past His Prime” man
  2. A Picture of Strength and Courage
  3. A Pointer to the Greater Joshua