Real Faith in a Real God


       Intro – Jude 3


I.             Faith in God the Father Almighty

A.    Powerful (Almighty)

B.    Personal (Father)


II.           Faith in God’s Son Jesus Christ

A.   Conceived by the Holy Spirit

B.  Born of the Virgin Mary

C.  Suffered under Pilate

D.  Crucified, Dead, and Buried

E.   Descended into the abode of the dead

F.   Rose from the dead on the 3rd day

G.  Ascended into Heaven where he

Sits at the right hand of the Father

Where he waits to return in judgment



III.        Faith in the Person of the Holy Spirit

A.   The Holy Catholic


B.  The Communion of saints

C.  The forgiveness of Sins

D.  The Resurrection of the Body

E.   The Life Everlasting