A Psalm of Remembrance

– Psalm 136

  1. Why do we need to remember His Love

endures forever?

  1. Because we don’t see enduring love
  2. Because we recognize that we’re

unworthy of that kind of love

  1. Because when we are going through trials
  2. Because we don’t feel the evidence

of his love


  1. How do we remember His Love endures


  1. We Sing
  2. We Remember who He is v1-3
  3. We Remember His Creative

power v4-9

  1. We Remember His Redeeming Deliverance v10-16
  2. We Remember His Guidance,

Protection and Provision v17-22

  1. We Remember His nearness to

us v23-24

  1. We Remember His goodness to

the world v25-26