I. YHWY (the LORD) is greater than any other gods

A. He has Shown us himself in Name and Power.  6:2,3

B. He is Superior – He “beats up” the gods of Egypt.

C. He is Sovereign – We don’t look to other gods for our safety, comfort, prosperity and security – but what do we look to?

 II. YHWY (the LORD) is greater than any Human Ruler or Regime.

A. Whose word will stand?  YHWH’s or Pharaoh’s?   Ex. 5:1 cf. 5:10

B. Whose heart is in God’s Hand?

C. Whose mistakes should we learn from?

III. YHWY (the LORD) is greater than Our Past or our Present 6:9

A. Rescue isn’t Immediate

B. Recognition of who we are isn’t Immediate

1.Not slaves for Long    2.    Sons forever