Adam’s Disobedience and the old Humanity (5:12-14)

  1. Sin entered the world through one man
  2. Death entered the world through sin
    1. Physical Death
    2. Spiritual Death
  3. Death came to all men – because all sinned


Christ’s Obedience and the New Humanity (5:15-19)

Adam is a type (pattern) of Christ

  1. Many died by the trespass of Adam,

how much more did Grace overflow

to many through Christ (15)

  1. Judgment followed one sin and brought condemnation but the gift followed many

trespasses and brought justification (16)

  1. Through the trespass of one man (Adam)

death reigned, through the life of one man,

(Jesus) God’s provision of Grace and

the gift of righteousness will reign (17)

  1. One Trespass brought condemnation; one act

of righteousness brought Justification. (18)

  1. Through the disobedience of one man many

were made sinners, through the obedience

of one, many will be made righteous. (19)