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Revelation – All things New


Introduction: Genre The Outline of the Book (1:19) The things that are (Ch 2-3) The things that are to come (Ch 4-22) The Clear themes of the Book Christ’s Church on Earth will be a “mixed bag” (Ch 2-3) God’s throne is at the center of the universe Christ will judge the Earth Christ will return to […]

3 John – Loving the Truth


     III John-Loving the Truth  Gaius’ friendship Loved by John in the Truth Prayed for by John for Prosperity Rejoiced over by John for his Life Praised by John for his hospitality Diotrephes Ego trip Loves to be first Rejects John Gossips Maliciously Refuses to show hospitality Puts out of the church those who do […]

II John – Walking in Truth and Love


I.Walking in Truth God’s Truth is Eternal Truth (v.2) Walking in God’s Truth brings great Joy (v4) II. Walking in Love Walking in Love is not a new command (v5) Walking in Love is walking in obedience (v6) III. Walking away from Wickedness “Deniers” that Jesus came in the flesh (v7) “Runners ahead” of the teaching of Christ (v9)

2 Peter – Remember

You need to Remember what God has given you (1:1-15) A Faith of Equal standing with the Apostles All things that pertain to life and Godliness His Precious and Great promises Partakers in the Divine nature A Way to make our calling and Election Sure You need to Remember who Jesus is (1:16-18) His Majesty […]

First Peter – Living in the In Between time


I. Because you have been saved by Christ’s precious blood, Be Holy  A. You have a great and precious Salvation A Living Hope (1:3) An Inheritance that is imperishable (1:4) We are kept by the Power of God (1:5) We are being refined (1:7) Our Souls are being Saved (1:9) We have a Gospel that […]

Hebrews – Jesus is Better


Hebrews…Jesus is Better  Jesus is Better…. Than Angels Than Moses Than Joshua Than Aaron Than the Old Covenant    Because Jesus is Better…. Don’t Ignore what God has done through Jesus Don’t stop Believing Don’t stop Growing Don’t stop Meeting Don’t stop Persevering in Holiness Don’t loose Faith Don’t Reject Discipline

Philemon: Real Faith

Real Faith is Lived out in Community Real Faith is Lived out in a messy world Real Faith Forgives Real Faith is Costly



    Titus: The Teacher and Teaching From the Apostle Paul to Titus,  Pastoring in Crete Lead the Church By Appointing Godly Elders 1:5-9 By Correcting False Teachers 1:1-16 By Instructing in Godliness 2-3   a. Leave the Old Life b. Live the New Life c.Look for the Blessed Hope

2 Timothy – Passing the Baton


II Timothy: Passing a Baton   From the Apostle Paul facing execution  to Timothy, Pastoring in Ephesus  Don’t be ashamed (1:8) Don’t be Ashamed of your brothers in Christ Don’t be Ashamed to testify to the Lord Be strong in the Grace that is in Christ Jesus (2:1) Endure like a good soldier (2:2) Compete like […]

1Timothy: Gospel Centered Leadership


I Timothy: Pastor a Gospel Centered Church  Author: Paul to Timothy, Pastoring in Ephesus Gospel Centered Teaching (Chapter 1) Appose false Teachers (v. 3,4) Advance God’s Work (v. 4-7) Apply the Law correctly (v.8-11) Adore Christ’s Mercy (v.12-17) Gospel Centered Worship (ch.2) In Prayer In Order Gospel Centered Leadership (Ch.3) Elders Deacons Gospel Centered Living […]