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The Death of the Son of God


I. The Son of God is Mocked & Led (v.16-20) Mockery The one who has was followed Is now being led.  II. The Son of God is Crucified (v.21-33) The Horror of the Cross The Meaning of the Cross IIIThe Son of God is Forsaken (v.34-39) A Psalm (22) A Darkness A Mystery A Cry & a Confession

Extravagant Devotion


                   Mark 14:1-9   The Arrest and Murder Planned by the Leaders The Anointing for Burial by the woman. The Betrayal set in Motion by Judas



      Mark 12:35-12:44 I. Reconsidering the Christ         A. More than just David’s son         B. The Lord – to be loved with all your heart soul, mind, and strength.  II. Reconsidering the Teachers of the Law          A. They seek honor for themselves         […]

The Temple and the tree


 I. The Clearing of the Temple II. The Cursing of the Tree The Danger of Profession without Practice The Peril of Practice without Faith – (It’s all a show)  III. The Centrality of Faith Faith in God (not faith) Faith that God hears us Faith in the new Temple

The Triumphal Entry


I. A Colt for the Lord (v1-7) A fulfillment of Prophecy A faith filled task A faithful stewardship  II. A Celebration for a King (v8-10) III. A Calculation of a Son (v11)

Thinking about following the Jesus


                      Mark 9:30-50             Intro: the Nature of Discipleship  How to think about Ourselves (9:30-35) Greatness Redefined Greatness Modeled  How to think about Others (9:36-41) Others who are Weak Others who are Doing work in Jesus Name  How to think about Sin (9:42-50) Sin must be vigilantly fought for our sake Sin must […]

Psalm 136 – A Psalm of Rememberance


A Psalm of Remembrance – Psalm 136 Why do we need to remember His Love endures forever? Because we don’t see enduring love Because we recognize that we’re unworthy of that kind of love Because when we are going through trials Because we don’t feel the evidence of his love   How do we remember […]

Your King is Coming – Palm Sunday


Your King is coming                                John 12:12-33 Jesus is a King who is worthy of our allegiance He is our rightful ruler He Created us He Redeemed us What other rulers competing for you allegiance?   Jesus is a King whose reign is secure   Jesus is a King whose reign had […]