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Be Watchful

Intro – the nature of prophecy I. The Outline Watch out and Stand firm v1-13 A1) v14-23 End of the Temple and the fall of Jerusalem B1) v24-27 Tribulation and the End of the Age A2) v.28-31 End of the Temple and the Fall of Jerusalem B2) v.32-37 End of the Age and Watchfulness  II.The […]



      Mark 12:35-12:44 I. Reconsidering the Christ         A. More than just David’s son         B. The Lord – to be loved with all your heart soul, mind, and strength.  II. Reconsidering the Teachers of the Law          A. They seek honor for themselves         […]



I. A Tax Trap – by the Herodians and Pharisees A.  No Good Answer ”Pay” upset the Jews ”Refuse” upset the Romans B.  Wisdom greater than Traps Render to Caesar Render to God II.  A Scripture Trap – by the Sadducees A. They didn’t know the Scripture B. They didn’t know the Power of God C.They […]

A Question and a Parable


I. A Question of Authority A Question About Authority A Question that Jesus wouldn’t answer A Question that can remind us…            a.authority isn’t a dirty word.            b. Jesus is the ultimate authority.  II. A Parable of Irresponsibility       1.The Cast An Owner – God Tenants […]

The Temple and the tree


 I. The Clearing of the Temple II. The Cursing of the Tree The Danger of Profession without Practice The Peril of Practice without Faith – (It’s all a show)  III. The Centrality of Faith Faith in God (not faith) Faith that God hears us Faith in the new Temple

The Triumphal Entry


I. A Colt for the Lord (v1-7) A fulfillment of Prophecy A faith filled task A faithful stewardship  II. A Celebration for a King (v8-10) III. A Calculation of a Son (v11)

Discipleship and Children


                      Mark 10:13-16          The Blessing (of the Children) The Failure (of the Disciples) The Command            a. Let the children come           b. Don’t drive them away      4. The Necessity           a. The Kingdom must be received […]