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Restoring your most important Relationship

Introduction – When Relationships face challenges Write them off Maintain and distance Engage  I. David’s need for Repentance (1-6) Transgressions Iniquities Sin II. David’s plea for Renewal (7-9) Cleanse me Wash me Blot out III. David’s hoped for Restoration Create in me clean heart Restore to me the Joy of your Salvation

A Royal Psalm – Psalm 24


A Royal Psalm – Psalm 24 A Recognition of God’s Sovereignty (1,2) The Earth is the LORD’s Everything in the earth is the LORD’s An Understanding of God’s Holiness (3-6) The one with clean hands can approach this Holy God. (Outward Pure Deeds)   The one with a pure heart can approach this Holy God. […]

Wisdom – Psalm 1


The Pathway to Blessing A. The Blessed man The Blessed man avoids                                                                                         […]