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Overcoming suffering by focusing on your inheritance

      A New Inheritance   Intro: How different world views deal with suffering   A new inheritance for Christ’ co-heirs. All things (Rm 4:13,I Cor 3:21) God Himself (Ps 73:25-26) Glorified Bodies   A new inheritance if we share in his sufferings Sufferings that pale in comparison to the glory to come Sufferings of this […]

A News Spirit


Review:  Romans 8:1-13   a New Status (NO Condemnation),           a New Identity (in Christ Jesus) a New Freedom (from the Law of sin and Death)  a New Mind (Set on the Spirit’s Desires)   a New Presence (The Holy Spirit within)    a New Hope (The Resurrection) a New Battle (Putting to death the deeds […]

A New Battle – with Sin Romans 8:12-14


A New Status (NO Condemnation), a New Identity (in Christ Jesus), a New Freedom (from the Law of sin and Death)  Romans 8:1-4   A New Mind (Set on the Spirit’s Desires), A New Presence (The Holy Spirit within), A New Hope (The Resurrection) Romans 8:5-11   A New Battle (Romans 8:12-14) (on 3 fronts […]

A New Mind


        Romans 8:5-11   A New Status and a new Identity – NO Condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:1-4) No Condemnation No longer in Adam, in Christ Free from the Law of Sin and Death God Sent His Son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering   […]

No Condemnation – Romans 8 1


No Condemnation                         Romans 8:1 Therefore…. There is now NO Condemnation The Law can no longer condemn you What Condemns you? a. Worry? b. Failures? c. Family? d. Career?  4. For those who are in Christ Jesus

A Different look at the law


      Romans 7:7-25     Is the Law sin? – No, but it shows sin to be sin Sin uses the law to provoke Evil (8) Sin uses the law to sentence people to death. (9-11) Sin is sinful and the law is good (12)  2. Did the Good law become death to me?  3. […]