Sermons by Pastor Robert Jacobsen

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  God on the Water

Mark 6:45-56                                    An Observant Savior He sent them to the other side He prayed by himself He saw their pain (4th watch 3-6am)  A Greater Moses He walked on Water Job 9:8 He intended to pass by them Ex 33:19 He encouraged them (I am, No Fear) He Calmed the Sea  Confused Disciples They […]

The Good Shepherd who feeds the Sheep

   Mark 6:30-44                            Intro – A new light on an old story   I. The Good Shepherd Understanding the Old Testament idea of “Shepherd” Num 27:15 Contrasting the bad “shepherd Ezek 34:1-4,11,12 The crowd desiring to make Jesus king by force John 6:14,15  II. The Feeding of the “sheep”       1.  An Overwhelming task        2.An […]

The Mission


Mark 6:6b-30 Intro – Descriptive vs. Prescriptive   The Mission Sent Two by Two To Preach To Cast out Demons & Heal The Mandate Take Nothing except a Staff Stay where you are welcome Shake the dust off where you are not The Murder A depiction of a hostile world A foreshadow of coming persecution

The Resurrection and You – Easter 2017


 Intro – We are shaped by history.                            A word to the skeptic                            A word to the ambivalent   Rom. 4:25 He (Jesus) was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification 5:1 ¶          Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, […]

A Scandal and a Marvel  


Mark 6:1-6a  I. A Scandal – they were offended v.1-4     A. They were offended by his education     B. They were offended by his questionable birth.     C. They were offended by his ordinariness.  II. A Marvel – Jesus Marveled at their Unbelief v.5-6



                      Mark 5:1-20  A Tormented Soul Evil Spirits The Complexity of our Brokenness The Growth of Evil  A Triumphant Savior The Power of Jesus The Identity of Jesus The Mission of Jesus  A Testimony that Spread

The Sprouting Seed and the Mustard Seed


   Kingdom Parables Pt.2              Mark 4:21-25   Intro: The Nature of a Kingdom The Parable of the Sprouting Seed A. Focus is growth B. God Brings about the harvest        The kingdom doesn’t come the way the disciples expect.        The kingdom doesn’t come the way we expect. The […]