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Discipleship and Divorce


Mark 10:1-12             Intro: Divorce in the first century  I. The Trap Mark 10:2 ¶     Some Pharisees came and tested him by asking, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?”  II. The Turn  III. The Trust The Trust in His design of male and female The Trust in His gift of marriage The […]

Thinking about following the Jesus


                      Mark 9:30-50             Intro: the Nature of Discipleship  How to think about Ourselves (9:30-35) Greatness Redefined Greatness Modeled  How to think about Others (9:36-41) Others who are Weak Others who are Doing work in Jesus Name  How to think about Sin (9:42-50) Sin must be vigilantly fought for our sake Sin must […]

Who do you say that I am?


“Who do you say that I am?”                      Mark 8:27-9:1          Intro: Caesarea Philippi  I. A Change in Direction II. A Claim of Deliverer (Christ – Messianic Deliverer) Misunderstandings about Messiah a. Then b. Now 2. The Murder of the Messiah a. Personal Necessity (Love) b.Legal Necessity (Forgiveness) c. Cosmic Necessity (to Defeat Death) […]

Food for the Hungry and Sight for the Blind


                     Mark 8:1-26 A Gentile Crowd Satisfied (8:1-10) A Gentile/mixed Crowd being fed An Abundance of leftovers A Compassionate Creator Blind Pharisees (8:11-12) Blind Disciples (8:13-21) The Leven of the Pharisees & Herod The Dullness of the Disciples A Blind Man Healed (8:22-26)       

Strange Encounters


 I.Crumbs for puppies A Persistent Mother A Shocking Statement (7:27) A Glorious Reply (7:28, 29) a. A recognition of her status b.A realization of the abundance of surplus II. Hearing for the deaf     1. Jesus’ Compassion     2. Ears Opened and Tongues Loosened (the chain of his tongue was broken)

The Heart of the Matter   Part II


 Mark 7:14-23  Intro: The tradition of the Elders           Christ’s Revolutionary Declaration v.15 Nothing outside a man can make him‘unclean’ by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a man that makes him ‘unclean.’’”           2. The Disciples Dullness v.17           3. Christ’s Revolutionary  Explanation v.18-23

The Heart of the Matter


               Mark 7:1-13 A Violation of Tradition by The Disciples The Source of the Traditions Cleansing of Hands The Authority of Scripture The Setting Aside of God’s Word  by the Pharisees and teachers of  the Law Honoring with lips but hearts far from God Worship in Vain Teaching men’s rules (not God’s) Setting […]

  God on the Water

Mark 6:45-56                                    An Observant Savior He sent them to the other side He prayed by himself He saw their pain (4th watch 3-6am)  A Greater Moses He walked on Water Job 9:8 He intended to pass by them Ex 33:19 He encouraged them (I am, No Fear) He Calmed the Sea  Confused Disciples They […]

The Good Shepherd who feeds the Sheep

   Mark 6:30-44                            Intro – A new light on an old story   I. The Good Shepherd Understanding the Old Testament idea of “Shepherd” Num 27:15 Contrasting the bad “shepherd Ezek 34:1-4,11,12 The crowd desiring to make Jesus king by force John 6:14,15  II. The Feeding of the “sheep”       1.  An Overwhelming task        2.An […]