The Gospel….

I.Promised Beforehand Through the Prophets In the Holy Scriptures  II. Concerning God’s Son Descended from David Resurrected by the Holy Spirit The True Messiah  III. Heralded by the Apostle Paul Who was given grace through Christ Who is calling people to the obedience that comes through faith. For Christ’s name sake

Sentimental Feelings or Sacrificial Actions? What Does Love Really Mean Anyway?


Sermon Title: Sentimental Feelings or Sacrificial Actions? What Does Love Really Mean Anyway? Sermon Text: 1 John 3:14-18 (NIV) Proposition: Let’s lay down our lives: Love Christians with actions   A MARK OF ETERNAL LIFE: LOVING OTHER CHRISTIANS (vv.14-15) Implication: We should recognize that loving fellow Christians is our Christian duty. THE MODEL OF GOD’S […]

SInging in the New Year – Part 2


Intro – a culture of Consumerism I. We are created to sing We have been created to remember song We have been given a voice and a heart to sing We are made in the image of a God who sings. II. We are part of a story of redemption that is full of song… […]

Singing in the New Year – Part I


 We are created to sing   Intro – a culture of outsourcing   We have been created to remember song. We have been given a voice and a heart to sing. We are made in the image of a God who sings. We are part of a story of redemption that is full of song.

Everlasting Life


Intro – Better than Eden    I. Everlasting Life in a New World II. Everlasting Life in a New Community III. Everlasting life in a New Body   What hope does everlasting life hold for  us?     It reminds us that this present fallen world is not all there is; soon we will live with […]

Christ’s Resurrection and Ours


Christ’s Resurrection The tomb was empty The witnesses were changed The messiah was transformed Our Resurrection Our tombs will empty Our hope has changed Our transformation will be complete  The World’s Restoration     What does Christ’s resurrection mean for us? Christ triumphed over sin and death by being physically resurrected, so that all who trust […]

The Ascension of Jesus


I. What Happened when Christ Ascended? He ascended into Heaven The disciples looked heavenward (Acts 1) The disciples worshipped him and were Overjoyed (Luke 24:51-53)  II. What is Jesus doing now that He has Ascended? Being our Prophet Being our Priest Being our King       NCC Q 49 Where is Christ now? Christ rose bodily from the […]