Holding on to God’s promises while going through tough times

I. Hold on to God promise of new mercies to sustain you each and every day. II. Hold on to God promise that HE himself will be our portion. III. Hold on to God’s promise to be good to those who hope in Him. Lamentations 3:19-26     We pray this message has been a […]

Go into all the world


I . The Complete Authority of Jesus “All Authority in Heaven and on Earth” Jesus’ Authority in teaching was unique. Jesus’ Authority over this world was unique.   II. The Call to Make Disciples “Therefore Go and make Disciples of all Nations” III. The Comfort that Christ is with us ….”I am with you always.”

God’s Purposes in Election


Had God not kept his promises to Israel?   These Doubts are answered –  From the viewpoint of Divine Sovereignty (ch9) From the Viewpoint of Human Responsibility (ch10) From God’s Final Purpose (ch11)                                  Romans 9 Intro – The Agony of Paul and the Blessing of Israel (9:1-5)   Has God’s Word Failed? […]