Pentecost and Burning Bushes


Intro – Two Cities Babel Refused to “fill the earth” United in their self interest A City that sought to climb up to God Focused on making their name great Communication was “confused” – Babel The result – tribalism and separation Jerusalem (Zion) at Pentecost Faithful to “go into all the world” United in the […]

The Faith of Abraham – Romans 4:13-25

  I. The Quality of Abraham’s Faith A Faith for all who will believe A Faith the turned its back on the world A Faith that placed a confident hope in God  II. The Content of Abraham’s Faith God can bring life out of death  III. The Promise of Abraham’s Faith Heir of the world […]

Grace that banishes Boasting


I. The Banishment of Boasting (3:27-28) A. Grace changes the way you see Yourself Others B.Grace changes the way you Live     II. The Balance of Faith (3:29-31) The circumcised are justified by faith The uncircumcised are justified by faith     III. The Blessing of Justification (4:1-12) Seen in the life of Abram […]

How can I get right with God


The Righteousness from God & the Righteousness of God The Righteousness from God Given – imputed (Reckoned) to the Believer (3:21-24) Apart from the law Testified to by the Law and the Prophets Through Faith in Christ to all who Believe Without distinction – for all have sinned and are falling short of the Glory […]

Hypocrisy and the Heart

I. A Hypocritical Practice (2:17-24) A Superior Attitude Inferior Actions   II. A High, but Missed Calling (2:19-21,24) Called to be a Light to the Gentiles “The Name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you” III. A Heart Matter (2:25-29) Being a “True Jew” (God Praiser) is more than just having God’s […]

God’s Righteous Judgment


God’s Righteous Judgment is  …according to Truth (2:1-5) A. Guard your heart Against Hypocrisy & Superiority Against Stubbornness & Unrepentance. B. Be thankful for God’s kindness for God’s tolerance for God’s patience   ….according to Deeds (2:6-11) To those who do good – Eternal life,Glory honor and peace To those who do evil – Wrath […]

Palm Sunday 2019


Jesus shows His Royal Messianic Kingship                               John 11                         I. ….in His Own Agenda With his own time table That takes into consideration those He love. For His own glory II. ….in His Anger III. ….in His Power over Death IV. …in His self sacrifice.  

Christ like Attitude: Humility for the sake of Humanity


Sermon Text/Topic: Philippians 2:1-11 (NIV)   PROPOSITION: Since Jesus humbled himself; let’s humble ourselves   MAIN POINTS: PAUL’S APOSTOLIC APPEAL: UNITY BY HUMILITY (verse 3) Implication: We should highly value/treasure the practice of Humility as a main ingredient to group Unity in a church.   CHRIST’S DIVINE EXAMPLE: ATTITUDE OF HUMILITY (verse 5) Application(s): We […]